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Vocal Project by Samo & Tomaž Kozlevčar

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"The Waltz of sLOVEnia!"

Songs by Slavko Avsenik, Lojze SLak & 4 Kovači

vocal arr. by Tomaž Kozlevčar 

Record in SOS STUDIO Tomaž Kozlevčar

Video Production: Samo Kozlevčar

Letter from David Paich:


My name is David Paich. When I wrote Africa I never dreamed of hearing such an innovative rendition.
All I can say is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am truly honored that you not only would arrange a choir version of the song but the time and effort into creating REAL MAGIC!

I have NEVER received so many emails from artists friends and colleagues on a singular performance of a song. My hats off to all of you.
 I know my co-writer Jeff Porcaro would have shared the same feelings. I know my band TOTO does.

Again, thank you for such a wonderful gift.

I would love to meet you sometime soon and maybe work together.

Regards, David!

Letter from David Crosby



Hello name is David Crosby .......I'm the one in Crosby,  
Stills, and Nash which is an American group.  I heard your choir in  
several clips on the internet ....particularly your arrangement of  
Totos Africa and was very impressed.  I would like to suggest a piece of
music to you.  Years ago Graham Nash and I made a record called  
Wind on the Water.  There is a cut on there called To The Last Whale.   
It consists of two songs, one a capella piece called Critical Mass and  
a song that Graham wrote which became the title track, Wind On The  
Water.  I think your choir is wonderful and I believe you would love these
songs and do a great job on them.


Regards, David!


Letter from Ward Swingle

Dear Tomaz, 


I've listened with pleasure to the CDs you gave. The New Swing Quartet is very good. here's a nice combination of good solo voices who also make an excellent blend. I enjoyed hearing some Slovenian music that I'de never heard before. I thought the RTB Big Band was excellent. It was great to hear those old standards performed so well. I've always been a big fan of Astor Piazzolla. In that CD there were several pieces of this that Ide never heard before. The ''Pop and Gospel'' CD was a lot of fun - nice and funky. I particularly enjoyed your arrangements in the ''Christmas Concert''. There's a very nice combination of orchestra and voices. My only criticism would be that I would like occasionally for the voices to be more 'present, more úp front'in the stereo spectrum. 

Tomaz, you're to be congratulated on some really fine work. I think that ''Perpetuum Jayiile'' is very fortunate to have you as director. 


I send sincere good wishes for all your future project. 

Wish best regards, 



(Ward Swingle, November 2003)


Letter from film producer Jeremy Campbell


Hello Tomaz,

My name is Jeremy – I am a film producer writing from Toronto,

I’ve recently been introduced to Perpetuum Jazzile and am most
impressed.  I’d like to inquire as to whether or not Perpetuum Jazzile
ever tours internationally?  I think your group would be a huge hit in
Toronto in our live theatre scene.

... In addition to that – I would like to introduce La Jeuensse – a youth
(mostly) Acapella choir located where I live in Cobourg, Ontario ... /hidden/

... I’ve attached a sample of ‘Circle Game’ by Canadian singer/songwriter
Joni Mitchell ... /hidden/

Keep up the amazing work – and do not hesitate if you would like to
explore the possibilities of performing in Toronto.

Jeremy Campbell

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