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The New Swing Quartet has, in its many years of performing,  convinced the most demanding of audiences with its contemporary style, rooted in the tradition of black gospel quartets. The Quartet is faithful to the tradition of black spiritual and gospel music with songs from the churches of the American South.


Founded in 1968, the Quartet has achieved a worldwide reputation and status as one of the best gospel groups in the world. Their rich discography comprises 46 editions on different sound carriers. They have played many concerts in European and Asian countries, performed numerous guest performances in churches and halls in South USA and toured regularly all over Europe. All together, they have performed more than a thousand concerts worldwide, in prestigious concert halls and cathedrals and performed at various receptions with
presidents. In 1992 the New Swing Quartet also performed in the Vatican for the Pope John Paul II, the Slovenian quartet and their performance of the song »Our Father« received the Pope’s blessing and he addressed them in Slovene as well. 

The New Swing Quartet was also featured as a central guest in many world-renowned TV and radio shows, and each year they
performed at music festivals and concerts throughout Europe. The quartet’s work also boasts many awards and recognition
both at home and abroad.


NEW SWING QUARTET – 50th Anniversary – Gospel in concert 

New Dual LIVE Album available now!

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